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What makes a practice “best?”

To play guitar like Joe Satriani you need to practice. What exactly are best practices in visualization? Every one of my clients is concerned with best practices — a solid signal that our field is maturing a bit. If you

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Tableau’s Kraken: BI “shock and awe”

I was listening to Dream Theater’s “The Best of Times” and it has a mesmerizing guitar solo.  It sure is the best of times to work with Tableau Software. If you use Tableau or have seen it in action, aren’t

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A shout-out for scattergraphs

  Scattergraphs are my favorite.   Yet, I often sense great hesitation to use this powerful visualization.  Join my crusade to make scatters realize their true potential and value!  Here are three ideas to consider… First, my kids learned scatters

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Visualization is a strategic process

How does your organization produce visualizations today? If it’s like many others I see everyday, there is a meeting and someone shows up with a bunch of charts. Here’s the problem. There is an underlying assumption that people responsible for

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Is red a better color than green?

Once you choose the correct chart type to communicate your message, color is the next most important consideration. Color draws the viewer’s attention — and that’s good if done to support the message. Keep in mind that sometimes black and

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Your designs should be bold

In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by mind-blowing visual experiences on home video consoles and smartphones that cost a few hundred dollars.  As a visualization practitioner, you have hardware and software that costs at least 10x more. They why

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Data data everywhere…but no decisions

Wasn’t data — more data in advanced business intelligence systems — supposed to help us make better, faster decisions?  What happened to the promise of being data-driven? And these might sound familiar — “We spend too much time collecting data,”

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