Visualization is a strategic process

How does your organization produce visualizations today? If it’s like many others I see everyday, there is a meeting and someone shows up with a bunch of charts. Here’s the problem. There is an underlying assumption that people responsible for visually communicating information have learned proper techniques (they probably haven’t even learned improper techniques).

Driving decision-making is way too important for an organization to work this way. There are standards and expectations for delivering a marketing plan. balance sheet, and a data model. No so for visualization. Yes, I am saying that strategically instituting visualization must become as important as other functional areas.

I want you to think big here. Prepare for the next management review with the idea of promoting better visualization. Work it into your discussion with a few visuals that are obviously different from the norm. It will be natural to mention you have a new initiative that will drive better communication followed by better results. You know you have to change; start today!

Posted in Decision Making, Strategy, Visualization

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