Tableau’s Kraken: BI “shock and awe”

I was listening to Dream Theater’s “The Best of Times” and it has a mesmerizing guitar solo.  It sure is the best of times to work with Tableau Software.

If you use Tableau or have seen it in action, aren’t you amazed!  I was a customer for three years and now Tableau is an integral part of my management consulting’s Decision Visualization framework.  R8.0 Kraken is ready to be unleashed — many will be awed, many shocked.

Awed because we can reach a new level in telling visual stories with floating dashboards, pixel-level placement, and treemaps.  Now we can truly paint on a canvas and be freed from “dashboards.”  We are all witness to a new communication medium coming of age.

Shocked– to me this is the more exciting part.  Tableau forces you to rethink business intelligence .  For example, your audience can edit visuals in their browser; how do you manage the inevitable sprawl of  poor designs you hoped to halt by deploying Tableau?

What do you look forward to with Kraken and how will it change your work in business intelligence?

P.S. If you have a service like Spotify, start listening to the solo at 9:57.

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