What makes a practice “best?”

To play guitar like Joe Satriani you need to practice. What exactly are best practices in visualization?

Every one of my clients is concerned with best practices — a solid signal that our field is maturing a bit. If you think about visuals as a communication medium, like writing, it’s sensible to have rules of grammar. We have a responsibility to deliver consistency and familiarity to the audience!

If you are newer to visualization or want to dive deeper into best practices, I highly recommend books by thought leaders such as Few, Robbins, and of course Bertin. They take you through what makes a good visual for clear communication and why it works based on our senses and cognition.

I would, however, like you to consider other ideas of visualization best practices. Is your team comfortable with waterfall delivery or experimenting with newer approaches like lean product? Do you ruthlessly rebalance precious resources toward the highest yield for the business? Are you sending around static files or cutting that cord and moving to interactive, online solutions?

Click on the quote bubble to share your team’s approach to visualization best practices.

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