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Apply the NON-data-ink ratio to your #Tableau visuals

Are your brackets being eliminated?  Remove everything possible from your visualizations. Visualization practitioners frequently mention Edward Tufte’s concept of the data-ink ratio, which refers to the ink (pixels) used to present data. What you rarely hear about is the non-data-ink

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Inject performance enhancers into your visualizations

It’s baseball season and we’re sure to hear about performance enhancers.  Supercharge your visuals. Many of my clients ask “How do we get more people to use the reports we built with our latest business intelligence / visualization software?” The

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Create your visualization win streak

The Miami Heat have won 20 straight games. Begin to mark your place in visualization history. What’s the secret to forging an awe-inspiring win steak?  You secure one victory at a time. So what qualifies as a “one victory” as

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Competing on analytics – the fantasy baseball way

Opening day is almost here. Are you prepared as these number-crunching data scientists? Over the next few weeks, tens of thousands will pore over an immense data set to gain an advantage in the intensely competitive world of fantasy baseball.

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Don’t stumble without data like Andrew Mason!

Groupon’s recently-fired CEO said he lacked data to make decisions. Be prepared to sell your idea! “My biggest regrets are the moments that I let a lack of data override my intuition on what’s best for our customers” Andrew Mason

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