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Dashboards…becoming anything but quick and safe

So many choices at the Madison Square Eats food rally this weekend.  If only I had a dashboard… According to Merriam-Webster, a dashboard was “a screen on the front of a usually horse-drawn vehicle to intercept water, mud, or snow.”

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Tableau’s IPO has me thinking about big data stocks

It’s sunny in NJ today.  Are big data stock raining money? First, I am not a stock analyst.  Just read this post as my curiosity about how big data stocks are doing and the potential following Tableau Software’s IPO on

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Expand your creativity … by letting yourself be creative

My kids’ artwork was selected for the annual school show.  Make some Tableau art. I’d like you to set aside 20 minutes this week (mark it on your calendar).  If your day is like mine, as a practitioner you are

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