A connection between beer and Tableau?

The Alchemist makes one beer and it’s rated best in the world.  Be great at Tableau!

Like myself, I expect many visualization practitioners are busy with their daily work and meeting deadlines.  If you’ve been using Tableau for a while, you are probably really good at knowing where to click and where to drag.

Please take a minute and seriously think about this question,”Could Tableau boost my career and do I care?”  Did you answer “yes” to both, then continue reading (well continue reading anyway).

“What ONE thing could you get better around Tableau that would make a huge difference?”  Answer this question and many good things will start to happen for you.

Let me share a few ideas based on my client work and personal goal setting:

  • Find a “strategic customer” that’s not in your management chain.  By strategic I mean Tableau will help them achieve specific goals and you can measure the impact.  Yes, this will require investment outside of your core hours.
  • Lead an internal user group.  Meet over lunch at least once a month to share work and ideas, as well as discuss how to overcome roadblocks (organizational, technical, budgetary, …).  Make sure everyone commits to an action.

Notice, these points are not about getting better at using Tableau.  Of course, that’s certainly a good course to pursue; you should always be looking to improve there.

Please leave a comment on what you try and your success stories!

Check out The Alchemist’s Heady Topper http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/27039/16814

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