I’m starting a rumor : Apple to buy Tableau Software

I’ve been wondering about recent activities by Apple and Tableau.  

  • IBM announced on July 15 a major partnership to sell Apple products.  It caught my attention that 5.3% of Tim Cook’s internal memo was about “big data analytics” (used the phrase 4 times out of 226 words).
  • Tableau announced just weeks earlier, release 8.2 which runs Tableau Desktop on the Mac OS.
  • Coincidence?  Apple and Tableau kick off their respective annual conferences on September 9.

I expect a well-timed announcement by both companies that Apple is acquiring Tableau.  Think of the impact.  

  • Apple has IBM selling the leading analytics software to customers worldwide
  • Apple reduces the price of Tableau Server to increase penetration — Tableau’s money-maker
  • Apple includes Tableau Desktop on all new computers as a core application — not Tableau’s money-maker
  • Apple releases Tableau for iPad and now supports iPhone — who doesn’t want that!

Please share your thoughts on this potential deal and if you want it to happen.

Posted in Consulting, Strategy, Tableau Software, TC14 Predictions

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