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Infosys and Tableau announce partnership

only a matter of time. expect same from other IT shops. Infosys #Tableau partner on #bigdata Advertisements

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C’mon Tableau, want us to use #data14 then give us better social media integration

I was looking through the ideas community and surprised at the following search results over the last 24 months: Facebook: 3 ideas, 26 votes (actually 28 votes, but one idea had -2 votes) YouTube: 1 idea, 15 votes Twitter: 0 ideas Pinterest:

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I’m starting a rumor : Apple to buy Tableau Software

I’ve been wondering about recent activities by Apple and Tableau.   IBM announced on July 15 a major partnership to sell Apple products.  It caught my attention that 5.3% of Tim Cook’s internal memo was about “big data analytics” (used the phrase 4

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Want to be a viz leader? Have some guts.

My daughter won elite gold in her dance competition.  Design your winning viz! In my last post, Replicating your old vizs in Tableau? STOP NOW (please)!, you learned specific steps to break away from old visualization thinking.  Now it’s time to

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Replicating your old vizs in Tableau? STOP NOW (please)!

My son achieved his Bar Mitzvah this weekend.  Are your vizs coming of age? You have a shiny new version of Tableau Desktop, connected to the big data server, then reproduced your same old charts. Access to data on your

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To be a master communicator you must develop a rich visual style

I was working with a client in Chicago and enjoyed some deep-dish pizza. Build a deep visual toolbox. I’ve written about teams oppressed by “the tyranny of pie charts ™.”  So set in their ways, they cannot break free from

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