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What Facebook is “hiding” in this viz

Click image to access the interactive charts (opens in a new window). Advertisements

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Merriam-Webster dictionary adds “big data”

So, for everyone who has been wondering/ debating/ frustrated about how to define big data, here you go: “big data (noun) : an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing by traditional database management tools” What’s

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Telling a story? First be clear on your message.

I attended my nephew’s baby naming a few weeks ago.  How do you name your visuals? With all the advancements in creating visuals, there has been almost zero progress in how people title those visuals. Is “Trends for 6 months”

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Dashboards…becoming anything but quick and safe

So many choices at the Madison Square Eats food rally this weekend.  If only I had a dashboard… According to Merriam-Webster, a dashboard was “a screen on the front of a usually horse-drawn vehicle to intercept water, mud, or snow.”

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Data data everywhere…but no decisions

Wasn’t data — more data in advanced business intelligence systems — supposed to help us make better, faster decisions?  What happened to the promise of being data-driven? And these might sound familiar — “We spend too much time collecting data,”

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