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Merriam-Webster dictionary adds “big data”

So, for everyone who has been wondering/ debating/ frustrated about how to define big data, here you go: “big data (noun) : an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing by traditional database management tools” What’s

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Do you have an open data strategy?

Government is opening up data in amazing ways. What is your company’s open data strategy? Start the discussion below… The Economic Impact of Open Data DATA Act passes Senate Mayor Walsh opens up Boston’s online data  

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Do not set and forget. Improve your Tableau work over time.

I was combining multiple exposures of my Grand Canyon photos to create one better image. Consider alternatives to your dashboard. With the power of Tableau, it’s almost too easy to bring up a data set, build a dashboard, then publish

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Telling a story? First be clear on your message.

I attended my nephew’s baby naming a few weeks ago.  How do you name your visuals? With all the advancements in creating visuals, there has been almost zero progress in how people title those visuals. Is “Trends for 6 months”

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Dashboards…becoming anything but quick and safe

So many choices at the Madison Square Eats food rally this weekend.  If only I had a dashboard… According to Merriam-Webster, a dashboard was “a screen on the front of a usually horse-drawn vehicle to intercept water, mud, or snow.”

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Replicating your old vizs in Tableau? STOP NOW (please)!

My son achieved his Bar Mitzvah this weekend.  Are your vizs coming of age? You have a shiny new version of Tableau Desktop, connected to the big data server, then reproduced your same old charts. Access to data on your

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Competing on analytics – the fantasy baseball way

Opening day is almost here. Are you prepared as these number-crunching data scientists? Over the next few weeks, tens of thousands will pore over an immense data set to gain an advantage in the intensely competitive world of fantasy baseball.

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